Christian Parenting

Newborn Baby
God has not given up on mankind, because he continues to send us precious little babies

There is no greater job that God has entrusted us with than raising our children. Given the carnality of the world we are living in, this becomes an almost impossible task. How do we raise righteous children in an unrighteous world? The answer is that we lean on the power of God. The Bible shows us how raise our children in righteousness and purity. The key is that we must have faith to trust in these Biblical principles evan as all around us abandon them. If you will trust in God, and in His ways in raising your child, you will be richly blessed.

Christian Parenting Part 1: Raising Children God’s Way, an Introduction:

In this lesson we illustrate how Biblical parenting really works. We raised our daughter using these techniques, and even though everyone around us was telling us we were wrong, it actually worked. In this lesson we give an introduction and overview of critical precepts in raising your children in a Biblical way.

Christian Parenting Part 2: The Biggest Mistake Christian Parents Make and How to Avoid It

The biggest mistake of modern Christian parents is to teach our children how to avoid the consequences of sin, instead of teaching them to avoid sin itself. I hope you fine this lesson both enlightening and useful.

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