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I am a former Silicon Valley Executive, Electrical Engineer, and Entrepreneur, but now am working as a High School teacher, part time Missionary, and full time follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love Christ, I love His Word, and I love sharing what I have learned in studying His Word, and in following Him. I believe the Bible is God’s perfect, timeless, inerrant, and understandable Word. I believe that it is most elegantly understood by simply reading it as it is clearly and plainly written. I have learned that the Bible makes perfect sense once I stop trying to read into it what I believe, or what I want to be true. The scriptures came alive to me at the point that I put aside all the things I believed, and sought the Holy Spirit to guide me, and then simply studied the Bible. In this blog I will share some of my Bible studies, plus I will share some of my work around the world

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  1. Good day to you Mr Paul McWouter, I have “stumbled” across your web site “toptechboy” by either accident or Devine intervention. My initial interest was the Arduino platform which I have been struggling to achieve some sort of success over the past 14 months. The main challenge has been the C programming language. Assembler is what I am familiar with since Intel launched their 8051. But to date I have never completed any type of project at all. With all that is available in these times, I decided to get myself an Arduino and as there is so much info out there as well as all sorts of ready made shields and project based hard ware, finally I thought that I could get down and really enjoy a goodg hobby. Only to to realise that I was looking at “C” again. I have had many attempts over the years to try and learn C , bought many books , some of which came with “floppy discs” . But at least I have been more successful than ever before with the Arduino and C. But I must be honest and say that very little out there in the way of tutorials has benefited me. Most of it is mediocre to say the least. Somehow I came upon your website and I was totally struck with the way in which you present your tutorial. Absolutely mind inspiring, clear and aimed at passing on to others, information that informs and empowers. I was initially very seriously amazed! Just reading through your code, began to make many things fall into place. Couple this to your videos on your tutorials and the mysteries of C just seem to go away. (well I do still have some questions but that is for another time). However to my complete surprise, I saw your reference to your Bible study blog as well as your article and visit to Africa. I was born in South Africa, and in 1998 my wife and I moved to Swaziland. This is also a poor country, and your comments on your blog concerning the poor is just as valid here. But on another note my wife and I are both born again believers. I again was very moved by your bible teachings, we have a very deep love for the Lord and we are often so saddened by the “glib and patronising” attitude towards our Almighty creator, God our father, by secular believers and modern day Christianity. Non the less, what you have written on your blog has inspired my wife and I that we have not strayed from the bible and it’s teachings. Especially on the subjects that you covered. Thank you for sharing the “Bible truth” regarding true Chistianity. Thank you for your Top Tech web site and your Bible website, I look forward to any further posts regarding Bible teachings. Kind regards Basil

    1. Basil, thanks for the note and encouraging words. I am happy to hear that you found the programming lessons useful. I learned to program in fortran in the 70’s and after experiencing C decided I did not want to be a programmer. Then I learned arduino a few years ago, but was frustrated that all the tutorials assumed I was already an expert. Hence, my lessons try to take people step by step. More importantly though, I am glad you found my commentaries on the Bible useful. I hope to get back and put up more lessons this summer. Things are very busy, and always more I want to do than I have time for.

      1. I also stumbled across your arduino lessons. I need them for homeschooling our kids. Because if that I decided to try to “investigate” you a little. lol. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we share our faith and the desire to shed tradition and allow the Holy Spirit to lead me as I desire to learn his will and his meaning.

        I’m very interested in reading your toe in revelation that I saw. I believe God has given me a clear understanding of it for the first time in my life. Excited to see what he has told you.

        Thank you for ALL that you are doing.

        Praise Jesus the Nazarene.

  2. I have too started with fortran on cards in the late 70’s and am leaning the Arduino and c language for fun. I came upon you vidios. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was in school, my field would have been IT. Teaching an old dog new tricks with your great tutorials has made it fun and exciting. Now that I see where your heart comes from I understand what a great teacher you truly are! You are truly and asset to the kids you teach.
    A Blessed man

  3. Sir, you are doing an amazing job in the Bible Studies. God bless you and keep it up. You have little idea of the impact you are making.

  4. Dear Paul,

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in creating an excellent educational tool for learning computer programming and electronic theory. The pace and level of explanation is so well suited to my skill and ability that it’s hard not to think that someone gave you an accurate cv of my abilities and tasked you designing a course just for me. So thank you. I’m up to lesson 12 of the Arduino course and it truly is a pleasure. I’m challenged and have to work pretty hard but not that hard that I’m frustrated because the solutions are beyond my ability.

    I’m a 64 year old semi-retired self-taught computer technician. I live in Sydney, Australia and have 2 daughters, one not far off 19 and the other 16 ½ going on 25. I’m separated from my wife (have been for about 8 years now) and we share care of the youngest daughter. Jesus opened my eyes a bit over 8 years ago. So your blogs hit me from a few different angles. I was raised as a Catholic but when I came back to Christ I was fortunate enough to land in a in an Anglican church where the Bible is taught faithfully and not relativised to what is convenient and politically correct. I must say it took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I could meet God in a book, however when I started to read the bible regularly I couldn’t get enough. It answered a lot of questions that I’d had for years and a lot that I either didn’t know that I had or were just plain scared to admit that I had.

    So when I come across someone like yourself it’s refreshing to be reminded by someone I respect for there technical value to me that the real gold of life is not in a raspberry pi or in an Arduino but in he who loves us more than we deserve and who has all power.

    So thanks once again, don’t be discouraged by the lack of response to the bible boy blog, remember that ultimately, Jesus is in control. And while people may not respond to you directly, you may plant the seed that flowers, one month, one year or even 10 years later when they pick up a bible or walk into a church. Trust me, as an archetypical late starter there where a few people who will never know me but whose faith, integrity and passion for the lord left me with questions that only the bible and the Lord himself could ultimately answer. And some of those seeds were planted 50 years ago.

    Regards and blessings,

    John Jackson.

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